Friday, July 25, 2008

”Why the …”-Update, about the silencing of dissenting views

Just a quick update on last night’s post about gays and McDonald’s

I have had very little time to write all summer, so when I wrote this post it took me a few days of little moments here and there. So it was several days ago that I first started looking into the matter. At that time I read some of the vile, hateful comments at and decided to leave my own comment there.

My comment was pretty carefully worded; I tried not to be offensive in any way, even though their website really made me want to be offensive. The most hurtful thing that I wrote was some small comment about how their comments prove that a gay rights moment is needed, but that’s as bad as I got. Other than that I just wrote a short little piece about my views that homosexuality will never affect their families, and asked a rhetorical question about why they even care.

Well, my comment didn’t appear at once, so I figured that they moderate the comments, and that it would appear after being approved. Well, I was wrong. Now, several days later, many, many comments from others have been approved and put up, while mine is still missing. My comment, just a small little thing to give them my perspective on the matter, was apparently not allowed on that site, while every gay-bashing word about “disgusting abominations” is allowed.

The American Family Association seems to imply that this is a struggle in the name of liberty and democracy. But somehow they seem to think that it is suitable to censor comments that do not agree with their views.

And it is not just that. You have to agree with their views in the right way too. When I realized that my comment wouldn’t be published I tried, just for fun, to leave another comment. It was a positive comment about the boycott, but since so many of the published comments were talking about God and Jesus, I said that I was supporting it “because homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of Allah”. That one didn’t get published either. Go figure.

Talking about the comments… There are many comments, and texts by the AFA, that claim that it is not at all about hatred against homosexuals. They claim that all they are doing is protesting against the fact that McDonald’s are “taking sides” in such an issue; that they are just expressing the opinion that big corporations should “remain neutral”.

Well, with comments like “Stop supporting a vile and disgraceful lifestyle.” I have a hard time believing that. It really seems like it does have everything to do with hatred of gays. Especially since I am utterly, utterly convinced that these groups would not care one tiny bit if McDonald’s gave such a relatively small amount of money ($20 000, a tiny amount for such a big corporation) to any other organization. I am certain that McDonald’s make donations like that fairly frequently, but only when it is in support of a “disgusting and sinful lifestyle” is it even mentioned.

Do not even try to claim that it is not about homophobia.

Also, I have gotten an e-mail asking me why I care. Why I can’t “respect” the opinion of these people. Well, I don’t know if I should have more respect. You can think what you like, and you can call me vile and evil for speaking out about these issues if you’d like. I’m very much a “sticks and stones…”-kind of guy; it doesn’t really matter to me if a few people think that way about me.

However, I have long had friends that are more easily affected, and who are not straight. Some of these friends have been so hurt by people calling them things like “disgusting” and “sinful”, that they have hurt themselves physically over it. And you can mess with me, but no one messes with my friends. As long as the people I love, and other innocent people, are being harassed and hurt like this, I will continue being a pain about it. No matter who thinks I’m evil or stupid because of it.

Sadly, this is how some people act, especially some “Christians”. I’ve seen several times how they break homosexuals down by berating them with hateful comments about their “sinful lifestyle”. And then, when the homosexual in question seems depressed or angry by the situation they say “See! I’m right; homosexuality is wrong! It makes people depressed and angry!”… Without any regards for the fact that they wouldn’t have any need to be angry, and no reason to be depressed, if they wouldn’t have been harassed in the first place.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why the [expletive deleted] does McDonald's Stance on Homosexuality Matter to You?

Another post about treating homosexuals as actual human beings.

Apparently, McDonald’s have made some sort of modest monetary contribution to the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and Richard Ellis, vice president of communications of McDonald's USA, now holds some sort of seat on the chamber board. They have also made a couple of statements speaking for gay rights.

So, it seems like McDonald’s wants to support LBGT business ventures, and in extension recognize non-heterosexuals as being people too. As you can probably guess, this is something I wholeheartedly approve of.

I have never really liked McDonald’s in general though, and I don’t really care about their food, so this little thing isn’t something that will make me start eating there. And I didn’t expect that it would affect anyone else very much either. I mean, it’s just a tiny little support of basic decency, I never thought it would get anyone’s knickers in a twist. Boy, was I wrong…

When the news got out, the American Family Association, AFA, promptly started up the website, where they urge people to sign a petition and call their local McDonald’s and tell the manager that they are boycotting McDonald’s “until they stop promoting the pro-homosexual agenda.”

AFA are far from alone in writing things like that. As an example to pick apart I’ve chosen a piece written by a Ricky Pearcey, just because it lends itself to so much ridicule… (found on the blog “Pro-Existence”, here)

Mr. Pearcey writes:

My son and I often stop by McDonald's for a bite to eat after homeschool bowling on Fridays.

But not today.


Not today, in light of reports that McDonald's has decided, apparently, to declare war on my family. And to declare war on the civilization of liberty, independence, creativity, and humanity under God that my Dad fought for in World War II.”

This first section of his text gives rise to many questions.

The first question, the most urgent, burning question that I have is of course: “What, exactly, is homeschool bowling?” Seriously, I have no idea. This question eats me up.

But, anyway, I guess that a more important question is: “How the hell does support for homosexuals equate to declaring war on your family!?”

How in the world would it even affect his family at all? McDonald’s are not going to “turn anyone gay”. They are not going to tell your family to sod off because they support “the gays” instead now. They are not going to do anything to your family, nothing at all. They are just saying that homosexuals should be able to live their lives too.

And, wait a minute… He did not just claim that his father fought against the gay agenda in WWII did he? Well, maybe if he was on the Nazi side…

Nazi soldiers famously wore belt buckles with the words “Gott Mit Uns” (God With Us) on them, since Hitler believed that they were doing the work of God, and they imprisoned and killed homosexuals. So I would say that they where the ones who fought against the gay agenda “under God”. The Allies, fighting to stop things like the concentration camps, were effectively fighting for gay rights.

Mr. Pearcey doesn’t dwell on that though, but goes on:

“Reports such as this -- "Pink Arches? McDonald's Buys Into Homosexual Agenda."

And reports such as this: "McDonald's Gives Support to Homosexual Agenda."

And this: "McDonald's Signs Onto 'Gay' Agenda."

For Christians, this is a matter of stewardship and "loving thy neighbor" -- Why spend good money on a morally and socially corruptive business?”

One might wonder what part of “love thy neighbor” that he has such a hard time understanding. I would say that is exactly what McDonald’s are doing, and what he is resisting.

”For families, this is a matter of child protection -- Why support a business that helps fund organizations that disrespect the heart of family life?”

Again he claims that McDonald’s attack families. I still don’t understand how the hell they are doing that. I guess that if I say “I think that chocolate is an acceptable flavor of ice-cream”, he’ll claim that I am disrespecting and attacking vanilla, and that I will lead to vanilla’s demise… Even though I like vanilla too, and even though me liking chocolate doesn’t stop others from liking vanilla. And just like respecting people who like someone of the same sex doesn’t stop others from liking someone of the opposite sex.

”For human beings, this is a matter of liberty under God -- Why help finance groups that turn their backs on the Declaration of Independence, the Founding vision, and the living Creator who holds it all together?”

The American Declaration of Independence is a lovely document. And it does mention a Creator, in this section:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

A lovely piece of writing, a lovely sentiment, and in no way whatsoever does it contain the phrase “except for the gays”. It is about the rights of everyone, so I would say that it is McDonald’s that defend the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, while Mr. Pearcey is ignoring it.

“The fries are good. Even great. But the worldview they support isn't fit for human consumption.

Maybe we'll stop by Chick-Fil-A instead. It's a little out of the way, but I hear they like families.

Real families -- not ones made up by the ACLU last Tuesday.”

Of course, all gay people are a part of some family; everyone has parents. But I guess that in the eyes of Mr. Pearcey, those families aren’t “real”.

I must say however that I still don’t see what the damn problem is. Even if McDonald’s are actually supporting the families that according to him did not even exist before last Tuesday, that does not in any way mean that they can’t support “real” families too.

Mr. Pearcey is by no means alone in his opinions. Several sites offer comment sections filled with vile comments about the evil of McDonald’s decisions. Just so you can see that Mr. Pearcey is not an isolated exception, I offer you a taste of some of the comments found here, here and here. These are just a very small part of them, there is plenty more where it came from. Many of them offer kind little words like “evil”, “sick”, “disgusting”, “abomination”, “sinful” and so on, and many talk about homosexuals are “destroying families”, even though no one explains exactly how that happens…

First, an update:

This post has a continuation here, if you want to read more. Now on to the comments:

“MacDonald's is No longer Family Friendly and Is Not Safe For our Children and Grand children!”

“Promoting destructive behavior is a horrible thing to do, whether it is homosexuality, self-mutilation, or drug abuse! McDonald's will not be seeing my family any time soon.”

“It is sick, disgusting and deplorable to weasle money from good families and spend it on the homosexual "Agenda". It is a crime to portray mcdonalds as a "Family" restuarant all the while seeking to destroy the very same "Families". Gay and Families will never be synonomus. I will not buy anything from mcdonalds, but I will do everything possible to discourage others from supporting your disgusting business.”

“I am really upset that a business that tries to attract children would also agree tosupport such a wrong lifestyle. My children love McDonalds but we as parents have explained to them we cannot and will not supoort such disgusting behavior. We will all we called to acocunt for our actions and all that we lead astray. I hope you change direction before it is too late. As for our family we will be eating at Chik Filet. I will not spend my money with groups that blatently tear down my faith and the values I teach my children.”

“I am highly disappointed and disgusted that McDonalds has chosen to abandon family values and support what will be the demise of our country. With so many charities that could benefit from support from McDonalds, it is literaly disgusting that they have chosen to support a cause that so morally wrong. I have already abandoned purchasing anything from those businesses that openly support the gay/lesbian revolution- McDonalds is just the next one that will never get one red cent from me again!”

“unless and until McDonalds announces a neutral stance on this abominable position of supporting the gay agenda, me and my family will boycott that eating establishment.”

“I won't even pick a crumb from the ground if I know is coming from MC Donals, Much least my five kids that love ketchup on the fries”

“How's come all these big companies are contributing to the homosexual community? Are they being threatened and/or co-ersed? I'm sick of the whole mess.”

“To the person who suggested we have homophobia, I disagree. My reaction to their lifestyle is abhorrence, loathing, repugnance and disgust. They are not born to this lifestyle; THEY CHOOSE IT!”

“I'm not a hateful Christian who wishes any harm to gays , I'm just not going to promote their lifestyle.”

“So McDonalds decided to turn against what made them - FAMILIES with CHILDREN. Now they choose to support those we refuse to allow around our children so I say shut them down with no business. Let the homos take their children there, oh wait they cannot do that as they CANNOT have children so they try to steal and brainwash ours.”

“I for one KNOW that I will not eat any food that comes from that wretched restaurant until they change who they support. It's a scary thought... thinking of gays taking over our country! God help us.”

“It really made me sick to hear such stupidity by McDonald's.No more McDonald's for me and my grandchildren....Soooo Sick!!!!!May God Have Mercy on them.”

“How could you take something that was intended to be good for kids and make something so evil out of it. I am another that will not dart your doors or my kids or grandkids. God must be very disappointed when He looks down from Heaven and see what you have done to his children. Instead of standing for moral values you stand for evil and corruption. Whether you realize it or not God Is In Control and He will bring you down!!”

“I'm appalled that a restaurant which has always been pro-family has taken this turn toward Godlessness and evil. Nobody in my household will dine there until this abomination is corrected.”

“It is reprehensible that McDonald's, a traditional American family-friendly establishment has chosen to take the course of action it has with regard to its promotion of the homosexual agenda. My money will not be used as a platform to advance this wicked lifestyle, so I guess that means no more Quarter Pounders with cheese for me or my family. I pray the Lord moves on your heart that homosexuality is evil. Likewise, I pray that you come to understand that your willingness to advance the cause this vile behavior is equally wicked and objectionable.”

“No more McDonald's for me and my family!!!! Homosexuality is an abomination to God, damnation of civilized society, the ruin of great countries (if you disagree you do not know the Bible or history very well). NO MORE McDONALD'S for us..if we want fast food there are too many other places to go eat that offers good food and does NOT advertise, support or be part of such perverted evil.”

“Diversity is a lame term for the disgusting agenda you attempt to promote. If you want to support that agenda, do it privately, not corporately. You have most certainly damaged your reputation as a family restaurant, for some it is irreparable. You have nothing to be proud of by making a decision like this. Soon you will be standing before God trying to explain your bonehead actions!”

“Disgusted and disappointed to say the least. I will use all my influence to persuade my congregation to not patronize McDonald's until you drop your homosexual agenda.”

“Large corporations (yours in particular) have a strong hold over most young people in this country and I am disgusted that you would choose to use that sway in such a deplorable way. Choose you this day whom you will serve; as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

“From the time that I first learned of McDonald's support of this disgusting lifestyle, Burger King and Hardees have been getting all of our fast food business that used to go to McDonalds. Consider this my strongest protest against your using, against my will, my money to support a cause that I would never support if I were given the choice. Shame on you, McDonalds!”

“This is disgusting! NO MORE MCDONALDS!!”

“I am so sorry I cannot in good conscience bring my grandchilden ans great grandchildren to McDonalds anymore-there's 80 of them. Why are you supporting such an organization that just brings tragedy to our people and society?”

“I am the Matriarch of a HUGE family,due to this disgusting position McDonald's taking I have put out the "WORD" for everyone to STOP going to McDonald's IMMEDIATELY. God WILL bless this family for taking this stand!”

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