Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Really Do Hate Blogs – A Very Typical First Post

I have resisted making myself a blog for a very long time now. I dislike the word blog; it started out as such an over-hyped buzzword right from the start, and now we’ve all heard it one too many times, so the sound of it is slightly nauseating to me.

I might like the general idea of blogs, but the format is so sadly misused that dislike it anyway. And my blog is not going to be any better.

I don’t plan on any coherency. There will be no thread binding all my posts together, and no common theme in any way. I certainly don’t plan on having more than a single post that is directly connected to the actual name of the blog.

I will write whatever I like, because I like writing. Because I, like most people who like to write, need to write. Most of what I will post here will be reposts of stuff that I post on other places, at least for the time being. I am currently trying out different mediums for expressing myself. It was just time to try out “blogging” now, finally.

You will probably find a great deal of humor here, and quite a bit of political commentary. Hopefully also some fiction, from time to time.

Hopefully I will also post with some sense of regularity. Probably not though, because even though I love to write, I’m worthless at actually finishing anything. Most of my stuff ends up half-finished. So, please, if you like what you read here, do tell me to hurry up and finish some more stuff, because I’m terribly lazy without incentive like that.